If we want school shootings, break up the family

We’ve seen them on TV and videos. We have seen the anguish, anger, and unbearable fear of young people who survived. One survivor who was being interviewed, just faltered: “I can’t do it, I’m sorry, I can’t,” and he choked and walked away. Entering the feelings of the...

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In defense of the Filipino family

I write in defense of the Filipino family. Our honorable legislators are once again pushing to approve divorce bills, which will damage the stability and unity of the Filipino family. Instead of protecting marriage as an inviolable social institution (Article XV,...

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Parental Divorce—Worse than Parental Death

Everyone recognizes that children suffer when they lose a parent through death. But in recent decades, some progressives have asserted that children suffer relatively little when they lose a parent (usually their father) through divorce. Since they were the ones who...

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Divorce is Bad for Your Kid’s Health

Mountains of evidence confirm that children do best when they live with their married biological parents; no alternative family structure affords children the level of protection and stability as their natural family. Children under the pressure of a broken family...

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Unhappy marriages need help, not dissolution

MANILA— Couples who find themselves in an unhappy marriage should be given support by the community and be forewarned of the dangers of “quick-fix solutions” that a proposed bill on the dissolution of marriage pretends to offer. This is the response of a human...

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The Adult Children of Divorce Find Their Voice

Almost on a whim, but primarily because a close friend of mine had revealed her still-unfolding struggles with the long-ago divorce of her parents, I started asking adult children of divorce about their experiences. I eventually wrote up a brief questionnaire,...

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