Today, threats against life are taking on vast proportions – not only through the forces of nature but threats that are scientifically and systematically programmed. We are in a period of horrendous attacks on life and family and a never-ending series of wars and incessant taking of innocent human life through ­–

“Protect The Filipino Family”


Marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman. The need to keep the marriage bond permanent is a natural consequence of the purpose for which the institution of marriage was established. The two outstanding characteristics of marriage are Unity and Permanence. Unity means one man and one woman. Permanence means that marriage is forever or until the death of the other. DIVORCE DIVIDES!


The Filipinos are a caring people. The Philippines is a caring country. WE wish our old parents Godspeed up to their last breath. Assisted suicide is always wrong whether it is for the elderly or for the relief for those who are ill. Only our Creator has the right to take the life of a human being. EUTHANASIA KILLS!


Sexuality is a beautiful design by God and sex is always within marriage. This sacred conjugal act is both unitive and procreative. It has its specific purpose for such act always implies the possibility of life. Any unnatural act that impedes this purpose of marriage and any application of any artificial means of birth control are contrary to natural law and are morally wrong. ABORTION IS MURDER!


Any systematic control of births or any act to hasten death, using directly and indirectly coercive means to limit population size violates human dignity and does not contribute to authentic human development. Immoral means should never be used for the solution of social, economic and demographic problems. TOTAL FERTILITY CONTROL through immoral means DEVASTATES!


Marriage is a union between a natural born man and a natural born woman and not of the same sex. Redefining the law of marriage transforms the civil institution of marriage into a registered domestic partnership system for adults in a co-dependent relationship. This contributes to a further erosion of marriage and further declines in marriage and birth rates. HOMOSEXUAL UNIONS OPPOSE!


Teaching sex as an academic subject trivializes it, transforming something astounding and wonderful into something everyday and ordinary. Sex becomes something to be used or not used on the basis of utilitarian calculations, benefits versus costs. But sex, one of the most powerful human impulses, is difficult to manage even for mature adults. Children, much less than adults, do not possess the mental and emotional ability to make sound judgments concerning sex. Teaching children sex necessarily leads to life-altering and life-destroying tragedies from wrong choices made. By making reproductive health and sexuality education mandatory for all public and private schools from grade five to fourth year high school, the natural and primary right and duty of parents in the rearing of the youth and the development of moral character is supplanted by the government which is supposed to assume only a supporting and subsidiary role.