• Approved on 2nd reading at the House of Representatives on May 15, 2024
  • When calendared for 3rd reading (could be as early as Monday, May 20, 2024), everything is mostly ceremonial and ministerial: when presented by the Majority Floor Leader, the bill will be passed, *but it does not become a law yet.*
  • Senate‚Äôs version will undergo the same process
  • As of May 18, 2024, SB 2443 still has to be calendared for 2nd reading.
  • After 3rd reading (which we hope does not happen this Congress), the approved versions of both Houses are reconciled, finalized and approved by the Bi-cameral Conference Committee
  • Presidential action – for approval or veto.

It is therefore, our fervent hope and prayer that the HR does not calendar the Bill for 3rd reading and that the Senate does not move and act further on the pending Divorce Bill.

We urge everyone to help STOP the passage of the Divorce Bill. Let us:
1. Populate social media with expressions of our opposition
2. Write/Talk to our Congressmen and Senators
3. Write letters to the editors of various newspapers
4. Make noise in other legal forms and ways to catch attention of our legislators
5. PRAY intensely and unceasingly.
Salamat po at Mabuhay ang PAMILYANG PILIPINO!