Watch: ALFI Vice President for Legislative Affairs, Atty. Joel Arzaga, makes a clarification on the statement by Cong. Geraldine Roman that Pope Francis is for civil unions during the November 4, 2020 House of Representatives committee hearing on the SOGIE Bill.
In response, Atty. Joel Arzaga pointed to a recent Vatican clarification that Pope Francis does not support civil unions and, in fact, maintains his position against it:
“We would just like to state for the record that a statement a while ago, with regard to the comments of Pope Francis, was made saying that he is in favor of civil unions.
However, may we just point out that just a couple of days ago, the Vatican released a clarification saying that the stand of the Pope remains, and that he is not in favor of civil unions. However, as correctly pointed out by the good representative Roman, the view that any form of discrimination should be disallowed is furthered by the Pope.”
You may find the Vatican clarification on Pope Francis’ stand on civil unions here: