“They say the kind of families that we have determines the kind of society that we have. But I will go deeper and further and delve into what’s more basic — and say that how we value LIFE determines how sound and healthy and stable our society is.

I am not surprised about the EJKs, the various bills for divorce and dissolution of marriage, the increasing call for approval of same-sex marriage, not to mention the stark poverty that continues to ail our country. Do you have any explanation for all these ills? I will dare say that the enactment of the RH Law is symptomatic of how sick our society is because it magnifies how very little we value Life. Indeed we have taken the slippery slope towards the destruction of Life and Family.

It will only take our silence, inaction, indifference and the lack of effort and interest to know the issues and the facts for the enemy to triumph.”

-Atty. Maria Concepcion Noche (President, ALFI): Talk before the ECFL National Conference, Padre Pio Shrine, February 22, 2018