I write in defense of the Filipino family. Our honorable legislators are once again pushing to approve divorce bills, which will damage the stability and unity of the Filipino family.

Instead of protecting marriage as an inviolable social institution (Article XV, Section 2 of the Constitution), these proposals will cause the breakdown of the family, which is our most enduring human institution, honored and encouraged in all cultures and faiths.

We know that a lasting marriage stabilizes the family and society. Divorce will instead cause trauma and pain, social and financial costs on the second family, and devastating emotional and psychological effects on the children.

Studies have shown that divorce is a negative experience altering childhood, adolescence and adulthood. There are also increased problems associated with a missing parent: juvenile delinquency, criminality and school dropouts.

Any law that does not guarantee the protection of the institution of marriage as a lasting and permanent union cannot be supported.

Any law that destroys the basic unit of society — the family — cannot be supported.

Our country has sufficient provisions in the Family Code (Title II) that provide for legal separation of the spouses. Republic Act No. 9262, or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act, also provides protective measures for victims of violence.

The dissolution of marriage is a betrayal of love. We ask our lawmakers to create and enact laws that will effectively defend and strengthen marriage and the family: marriage preparation and training for marriage counselors would be examples.

We ask for laws to strengthen, rather than destroy, marriage and the Filipino family. We say: No to divorce.

ROSIE B. LUISTRO, rbluistro@gmail.com

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