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To our kababayans, please sign our petition for the sake our Filipino children. And get many, many others to sign it. Salamat!

We reject the unscientific and invalid decision of the Food and Drug Administration to declare 51 contraceptive products to be non-abortifacient and the decision of the Department of Health to start the full distribution of these abortifacients. We demand that DOH and the FDA reverse their decisions!

There is solid scientific evidence that these products act to change a mother’s womb lining. And so they prevent the implantation of the fertilized egg, the young human person, her child, unto her womb.

This is plain and simple abortion.

This is the killing of a human being, the killing of our youngest Filipinos!

The killing of women and men, future leaders of our dear country, the Philippines.

It is scientifically proven that human life starts at fertilization, a truth that our Supreme Court declared when it ruled on the meaning of one of our Constitution’s State Policies: The State shall protect the unborn from conception.

We, the Filipino people, want to protect our youngest children, help them live a good life, and to care for our Filipino women. These are the reasons we Filipinos abhor abortion, a fact that so many surveys have proven again and again.

We demand that the State follow the Constitution and not disregard it. We demand that our government be consistent with science, and with the rules of transparency and due process.

The FDA made its decision disregarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on the need for due process before the TRO can be lifted. There were no rules of procedure, no opportunity given to ALFI, the oppositor, to confront the evidence, and no publication of resolutions giving evidence for its decision vs. the mass of scientific evidence presented by ALFI.

Human lives are at stake. The government cannot allow the slightest mistake –and as the Supreme Court itself ruled, nor the slightest doubt!– when it comes to protecting  the lives of our children.

One murder is already horrifying.  The possible killing of thousands of babies, girls and boys,  –by their own mothers, and supported by the State– through the approval and distribution of abortifacients masquerading as contraceptives, will weigh heavily on the consciences of our generation of Filipino citizens, both women and men.

We, and our government, should never allow this state-sponsored massacre of generations of Filipinos to happen in our beloved Philippines.

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To our kababayans, please sign our petition for the sake our Filipino children. And get many, many others to sign it. Salamat!