MANILA— Couples who find themselves in an unhappy marriage should be given support by the community and be forewarned of the dangers of “quick-fix solutions” that a proposed bill on the dissolution of marriage pretends to offer.

This is the response of a human resource specialist to a renewed attempt in Congress to pass the House Bill 6027, which according to critics is a “divorce in camouflage”.

In this context Maria Victoria Q. Caparas published “Time Hangs by a Thread”, a true account of a woman who suffered separation and divorce provoked by the husband.

“This is the story of the late Maruja Moragas with whom I collaborated in the year 2011 in the Women’s Lobby Network in Spain, which focused programs on women in leadership,” related Caparas, who is currently an Associate Professor of the University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P) – School of Management.

“Inspired by how this biography could have positive influence especially on Filipino wives and mothers, I proposed its local publication and translation to English. The publisher, Ediciones Rialp, gave me permission to publish the English version,” she explained.

‘The mother of all crises’

In her first-hand account, Moragas called divorce “the mother of all crises” due to its harsh complexity and the overwhelming amount of effort that is needed to overcome it.

“When her husband left her, Maruja found herself as a new single-mother with three children and fought to stay true to her marriage vows, even if it entailed a great struggle and a need to carry on with life as a single parent,” Caparas said.

Be forewarned

As she invites the public to read Moragas’ life experience, Caparas hopes that “Filipinos and Filipinas discover striking similarities with their own dreams, challenges, joys and difficulties, all held together by a love that is lived to its last consequences.”

“Maruja’s story was the first book I have read about the joys and sorrows of a divorced woman who viewed her situation from the perspective of her Christian convictions and upbringing in the heart of a happy, traditional family.

“I thought that Maruja’s life story could help women suffering from similar circumstances and be forewarned of the damage wreaked by moral suffering in the worst kind,” she disclosed.

Help couples in crisis

“Through the years, I have observed the rapid increase in the number of separated couples. I realized that my lack of personal encounter and depth of insight into what women in this situation go through would make any friendly advice that I may give be perceived as either naïve or pedantic,” Caparas admitted.

“Maruja’s journey can be for us a credible witness to the power of the Christian faith as the foundation for fidelity to one’s marital vows. Moreover, her wealth of experience and insight serve as an irrefutable testimony to the moral force of family unity in facing life’s worst adversities,” affirmed the professor.