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The Board of Trustees of the Alliance for the Family Foundation Philippines, Inc. (ALFI) is pleased to inform you that ALFI filed a Preliminary Opposition to the applications of the pharmaceutical companies for re-evaluation/re-certification of contraceptive drugs/devices on October 8, 2014, within the deadline set by the FDA. Two (2) very well-respected pharmacists co-signed with ALFI’S President, Atty. Maria Concepcion S. Noche: Dr. Juliet Alcantara-Uy and Dr. Nina Theresa Dungca.

While the applications refer to only 50 contraceptive drugs, we have registered our opposition to all 78 FDA-registered drugs that are being sold in the Philippine market. We also prayed for the recall of all these drugs until the FDA could finish its re-evaluation. We have also asked for 30 days or until November 07, 2014 to file a Supplemental or Individual Opposition (for each drug), if this will be deemed necessary.

We await the appropriate action/notice from the FDA in light of the various oppositions filed.

Thank you.