Position Paper on the SOGIE Equality Bill

Alliance for the Family Foundation (Philippines), Inc., respectfully submits the following discussion for consideration with regard to the SOGIE Equality Bill and all its versions in the Senate

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t’s been more than a week since the restroom controversy erupted and yet social media is still abuzz with outrage over the insistence of SOGIE Bill supporters that biological males be allowed to use women’s restrooms.

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Duty to Safeguard, Protect and Respect Health and Life

THIS IS a reply to the Inquirer editorial, “Delaying tactics” (7/9/15). The Alliance for the Family Foundation Philippines Inc. (Alfi) respects the rule of law. It exercises its legitimate right to seek judicial relief through legal means. It has chosen the Supreme...

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​ALFI’s letter to DOH and FDA

​Personally delivered on March 19, 2015 This letter explains, in detail, the actions ALFI has taken on the re-certification and re-evaluation of contraceptive drugs and devices. (See Opposition and its attachments here...

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