The world’s median age by continent

Aficionados of this blog will know that I love maps. Especially bright, colourful ones. One of my favourite books in my formative years was Chester Wilmot’s The Struggle for Europe.

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Europe Is Dying

Over the weekend, I finished reading the British journalist Douglas Murray’s book The Strange Death Of Europe.

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Philippine DOH’s Implanon is a discontinued drug

​Philippine DOH's Implanon is a discontinued drug by Joy Posadas Read Full Text: "Many Filipinos are not aware that Implanon is already discontinued and was replaced by Nexplanon. One...

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Value Life

"They say the kind of families that we have determines the kind of society that we have. But I will go deeper and further and delve into what’s more basic — and say that how we value LIFE determines how sound and healthy and stable our society is. I am not surprised...

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Why Millennial Women Are Rejecting The Pill

Some half a century after its launch, cracks are beginning to appear in the image of the contraceptive pill. But why are more and more women turning away from it? Lottie Winter finds out in this piece first published in Vogue's November 2017 issue. The pill. Love it...

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