ELECTIONS 2019 – The Choice is in our Hands

Be very discerning in your votes. Help one another know the candidates well. Christians are encouraged to engage in principled partisan politics. This means to campaign for good candidates as an exercise of their Christian faith.

DIVORCE … Why Not?

Divorce in the Philippines is not legal but it looks like there are more couples getting an annulment. Isn’t this enough reason to legalize divorce?

Stunning Photos Show Dignity of Human Life in Very Early Stages

A talented photographer has created a gallery of photos depicting the very early stages of human development, Live Action reported. The stunning photos show the beauty and dignity of human life at as early as three to four weeks after conception: Human embryo at 3-4...

Executive Order No. 12 and the SC TRO

An Executive Order (EO) provides the rules for the implementation of a law. It emanates from the President and is addressed to his subordinate officials in the executive branch. In the case of EO No. 12, the rules refer to the implementation of the RH Law. How does EO...

ALFI files Petition vs. RH Law

ALFI, Alliance for the Family Foundation (Philippines), Inc. - an NGO dedicated to preserving the sanctity of life & family as well as members of its Board of Trustees, friends, their spouses, children and grandchildren, filed Wednesday, 9 January 2013 at 3:18...

DOH ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER 2012-0009: Where Are We Headed To?

On June 27, 2012, the Department of Health issued Administrative Order No. 2012- 0009, entitled “National Strategy Toward Reducing Unmet Need for Modern Family Planning as a Means to Achieving MDGs [Millennium Development Goals] on Maternal Health” (the “AO”). This is...

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