House RH Bill Would Cause Irreparable Damage

House RH Bill Would Cause Irreparable Damage

Posted by on Feb 21, 2011 in On the Issues

Our legislators have recreated the anti-family bills into HB 4244. We must watch out because this is as destructive as all the other previous bills.


• H.B. 4244, the bill for Reproductive Health, is still the greatest attack on life and the family that has ever been launched in the Philippines.
• It still guarantees (Sec. 2) universal access to Reproductive Health Care, which it defines to include a full range of contraceptives.
• The most popular contraceptive – oral contraceptive pills – still list (Physicians’ Desk Reference) on their information for doctors the prevention of implantation – which kills a newly-formed human being – as one mechanism by which they “prevent” pregnancy.
• IUD’s, also included as modern contraceptives under the bill, still do the same (Wikipedia).
• The RH bill still requires the public (Sec. 30) – us – to pay for this killing of unborn children, which will amount to billions of pesos – every year.
•The bill still requires (Sec. 28) healthcare providers to facilitate this killing, even when it is against their conscience – or go to jail.
• The bill still guarantees free contraceptives to men and women who aren’t married (Sec. 2), thus providing government endorsement of fornication.
• The bill still calls for universal access to contraceptives by children (Sec. 2) and adolescents (Sec. 4) who shouldn’t be having sex in the first place, but will feel confident to do so because the State – we the people – endorse it by giving them contraceptives.
• It still requires (Sec. 16) that ten-year-olds be taught about sex, and adolescents taught their sexual rights – which include (Sec. 2, Sec. 4) the right to be satisfied with their sex lives.
• It still indoctrinates (Sec. 16) our children with a world-view about love and marriage that is alien and harmful to our national culture.
• It still prioritizes the promotion of Reproductive Health (entire bill) over and above all other aspects of health, even if other conditions take an immensely greater toll (see NSCB list of top ten causes of death) on the lives and health of our people and do not receive adequate funding for treatment.
• It still nullifies the marriage contract by allowing a husband or wife to have themselves sterilized (Sec. 28) without their spouse’s consent – unilaterally depriving the spouse of any possibility of more children.
• It still makes sex into something for everyday (Sec. 2, Sec. 24) participation by everyone.
• It still empowers the government to decide how we relate (gender equity/identity, Sec. 2, Sec. 3, Sec. 4) to people whom we believe are living a self-destructive life.
• It still establishes an ideal family size of two children (Sec. 20) which will eventually result in the destruction of the national economy due to consumption shortages, as is occurring in Europe and the U.S.
• It still puts a significant additional financial burden (Sec. 21) on small businesses to provide employee health care, at a time when many are already struggling to remain open, so jeopardizing the jobs of their employees.
• It still creates by law a contraceptive society, which Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences awardee George Akerlof proved in a 1996 study (An Analysis of Out-Of-Wedlock Childbearing in the United States) takes away the freedom of single women to say no to sexual propositions if they hope to have any relationship with men;
• A contraceptive society which Stanford University economics professor Robert T. Michael proved in a 1977 study greatly increases the divorce rate;
• A contraceptive society which Nobel Laureate Akerlof proved in a 1998 study (Men Without Children) greatly reduces marriage, and therefore increases crime;
• A contraceptive society that leads to the feminization of poverty because of resulting widespread single-motherhood, Professor Akerlof found (Men Without Children);
• A contraceptive society where “As people turn to contraception, there will be a rise, not a fall, in the abortion rate,” according to Dr. Malcolm Potts, the pro-abortion doctor from the U.S. who recently visited our country to support the Reproductive Health Bill;
• A contraceptive society in which even if all women use effective means of contraception, many abortions will still be “required,” according to a 1981 article in the pro-contraception, pro-abortion journal Family Planning Perspectives;
• A contraceptive society that will consequently lead quickly to legalization of abortion, as it has in all but five countries on earth;
• A contraceptive society where many people never marry, where many of those who do marry eventually divorce, where many of those who don’t marry live in instead, where most of the live-ins eventually split up, where many children grow up without both parents in their home, and suffer the consequences of poverty, poor health, physical and sexual abuse, and propensity to crime.

This is the society that the H.B. 4244 will create, just as contraceptives have created it throughout Western Europe and North America

To stop the Contraceptive Society, we must stop H.B. 4244